Being a step Parent rips you apart...


We did this shot for Instagram. No shit. He was angry at me this morning and so was I, to him.

I lectured him this morning for slamming the door in my face when I told him to go and wash his face. Attitude is coming through strong for this 6 year old boy!!

Loads of you are asking what it’s like being a step mum or a step parent....

I actually don’t have one answer for this other than it’s hard.

Being a step mum or parent takes something a little more for you to do it.


I don’t know what it is yet and there are no google notes to go with it either. I dove into the deep end and actually is still trying to figure it all out.

I have a deep soul connection to do what I do and I love it every day. It’s hard, it rips you apart but it makes you whole at the same time.

I’m going to be giving you guys the low down next month on what it’s like being a step mum/parent and most importantly how your relationship with your step son or step child should be like. I say “should” because I’ll be working quite closely with a professional relationship coach too!!


Will drop the name of this powerhouse of a woman soon! So make sure your eyes are peeled for something to up be around the 14th of April. :)

Love, Betty