Style me pretty

It’s nearly 1am here in Sydney – and I’m in struggle town to sleep. I’m tired but my brain won’t stop processing. Ever had that problem? I drown it out by drinking wine, heaps of red wine. It helps… kind of!

BUT ANYWAY! On a better note, I went to get tattooed after work today. Was really excited to get this one done because I’ve wanted it since last week. The font was perfect!! It was how I imagined it to be and now I’m itching for more!

Thanks to the guys at Live Canvas Tattoos (Blakey) in Crows Nest for hooking it up for me. Such an awesome bunch!

Visit my insta for a pics!  @msbbanks

Also this evening, I found out that one of my shoots I did a while ago was posted up on a huge blog! It’s different from all the other shoots I’ve done, it being bridal themed and all. So I was ecstatic to see it up!

You can view the blog and images on the link below.


I hope everyone has an awesome day. It was a scorcher is Sydney, sitting at 39 degrees. Summer in spring! I wonder how burnt we’ll all be when summer is actually here.

Have a great weekend everyone! Party safe!


Love Bettina