Feeling Inspired

I wake up to my phone every morning.
It's like this obsessive compulsive disorder that I have to check my phone as soon as I open my eyes.
(Most of you do the same okay!? Don't lie! lol!)
It's so unhealthy, believe me I know. But at the same time, it gets me out of bed and it is what gets me inspired to start my day.
So what gets me so inspired you ask?
My answer is art and photography.

On Instagram I follow photographers, designers, fashion bloggers and artists who see the world in a different light. Not every human being sees the world the same way and that's why I decide to follow them. It makes me think that what we have around us, we totally take for granted.

Everyday I get up and walk the same route to the station, walk to same path to work, stop by the same cafe to get my coffee and buy fruit from the same fruit stand. Then, when I think back to what I've seen in my routines, I never realised how beautiful the world runs and if I could capture every moment to share what my eyes could see, I could inspire all of you... Well I won't lie, I do try to post up photos of my world as much as I can, but not like these guys. These guys are just plain crazy!

So, if you want to feel inspired or just wow'd, give these guys ago. Find some inspiration from these photographers when you wake up.
I'm sure you're bound to say wow! :)



Love Bettina