Blood Orange

Last Monday my wisdom tooth decided it was time to come out. Mind you, I have another 3 to be surgically extracted, (I need to cut open my gums for those ones but that’s another story…) and this particular one was driving me insane. It was causing me so much damn pain! I had enough, was fed up and wanted it out ASAP!

So my dentist happily yanked it out for me. Job well done I say but as soon as the anesthetic had worn off when I got home, words cannot describe the @#$!*%^ pain I was experiencing!! It was just plain hectic and I was rolling around and crying like a baby. The 3rd day, the side of my face swelled up like I was holding a golf ball inside my mouth. Some people called it cute; I just looked like a Pokémon walking around with my ice cream. It was not awesome at all! Haha!

5 days of pain later, I was fine! Swelling went down however I’m still on painkillers and 2 types of antibiotics!

Besides my crazy week of wisdom tooth headaches, I got my hair did! This time around I chose to go a little lighter for summer and added some hair extensions for length. I also attended a friends wedding on Saturday back home in Cabramatta, which was fun! I love the dressing up, food, friends, Hennessey and of course the happy couple which all come with weddings.

Congrats to Darren and Anna, may you guys live a long, healthy and fun life together. Best wishes to you both!

So below are a few images of what I wore to the wedding.

A blood orange silk maxi dress from Kookai, paired with my new Tony Bianco's and my favorite classic Louis Vuitton clutch. Enjoy!


Love Bettina


Bettina - Kookai-1.jpg
Bettina - Kookai-2.jpg
Bettina - Kookai-4.jpg
Bettina - Kookai-5.jpg
Bettina - Kookai-6.jpg
Bettina - Kookai-8.jpg
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Bettina - Kookai-15.jpg