Summer Nights

8 days until Christmas, and I’m freaking out. My Christmas shopping list is still not done, sitting there on the table, letting the sun fade the ink.

To top it off, New Years is just around the corner as well! Breathes*

Why is it that when it comes to this time of the year, we panic. Well I don’t know about you guys, but I panic!

Looking back at the past year, I felt as if I haven’t accomplished much at all. But in actual fact, I have. I had to be reminded by Nick that I did great and to just keep pushing!

Am I proud of 2013? Nope…not as yet, still a long way to go.

Next year should be a good year though, 2014 does sound promising.

My gorgeous mother Kate has already gone to the fortuneteller to suss out my ups and downs for the New Year.  “Preparation is key to success,” she says.

Other than that! A fresh new start is coming and I can’t wait! It should be good! Actually it WILL be great!


This, my friends is called the “Victorville Top” from one of my favorite brands, Saxony. The shoot below was captured around the corner from my place. It was a warm summers night and a good idea to shoot capturing why I love the Sydney nightlife so much.


This dress is extremely comfortable.


It’s one of those dresses where you don’t feel the tightness and sweatiness of the fabric. You know that showing a little belly “won’t show at all” giving plenty of room to breathe. Finally a dress that is okay to drink a little too much but still look a-okay in! Haha! Oh! And It’s light - the fabric has a cool feeling to it, which drapes at the front and makes you go, “just perf!” ;)

I can imagine myself in this dress on a warm summers night, by a bar with a cocktail in hand, laughing full belly with a bunch of friends! Can’t wait to wear this dress out!!



Love Bettina

P.S  - Saxony is having a sale on! Almost everything is 50% off – my top is only $84 now!

Make sure you visit their website!