Christie Nicole

My last entry was in November. *Cringe* 


Trust me, I’ve been on a roller coaster ride since then.

I won’t go into too much detail, but everyone has their down periods in their life. Things get complicated and fall apart. I basically had to put my life back together, pick myself up on my feet again and literally start over this new year of 2014. Yep – That was I.

I left my old work just before Christmas, so Christmas sucked for me this year. New Years Eve was enjoyable, watched the harbor bridge fireworks from my rooftop! It’s amazing how flickers of bright lights in a dark sky hypnotizes people. I was one of them! Haha! And I loved every single bit of it!  Also, “drunk” was an understatement…

Two weeks after, I landed a new job as a Sales and Events Executive at Red Lantern Food Group. Everything started to fall into place again, FINALLY! And Nick and myself are working on it again. We both think its worth another shot :) *Exhales*

So yes, I’ve been on a roller coaster ride of my life. What a way to welcome 2014 huh? But anyway! Besides all this mumbo jumbo, I still have been shooting!

If you're a lover for leather and lace like myself, I demand you to take a look at Christie Nicole. Her designs are mind blowing! I love her work on basic black and white colours, her smaller and larger detailed lace designs, and also the pops of colour featured here and there on her bralettes.

And I was lucky enough to prance around in them!

I also teamed up Christie Nicole's bralette's, with of course my favourite Saxony the Brand shorts! Featured below are the "Daisen Shorts", (currently on sale for $39.95!! WOOH!) and the beautiful hand crafted leather visor is by Chloe Stanyon.

Kudos to Theo (TDMathieuPhotography) for the shoot and my good girlfriend Dana, helping with styling, hair, and changing me! Love you guys both!

Hope you guys like the photos, something different and arty farty. :)


Love Bettina


Bettina Banks x Christie Nicole 002.jpg
Bettina Banks x Christie Nicole 212.jpg
Bettina Banks x Christie Nicole 149.jpg
Bettina Banks x Christie Nicole 166.jpg
Bettina Banks x Christie Nicole 246.jpg
Bettina Banks x Christie Nicole 065.jpg
Bettina Banks x Christie Nicole 253.jpg