What does one do when they can't sleep? Read a book, go for a walk, or eat right?

Well for me, I start to write and I don't stop.

My notebook is full of stuff, random drawings, quotes or things that I've accomplished the passed week. This is just to remind myself that I'm doing a O.K. (y)

It's funny how all these thoughts come out at night. I mean, we should be asleep, resting our brains for conquering the next day but instead we're up writing and thinking. Haha! (Awesome work guys!)

Though, I do have nights where I pass out and think of nothing.

But the nights where my brain doesn't want to rest, I kind of use it to it's full potential and squeeze every last drop of thought out of it before I get a little shut eye. Even if it's just 2 - 3 hours of it. I don't even feel too tired when I wake, it's like I'm meant to have a night where my brain over floods with thoughts. :)

But anyway, how was your week? 

. . .

I've been getting so many emails asking me to write up how I start my day, so here goes!

Brace yourselves!

I chug down a glass of water mixed with a piece of lemon  as soon as I wake, take my multi vitamins, turn on the TV for the news and make breaky.

Most days, I eat simple!

Toast, coffee and a boiled egg and other days, I make my breakfast smoothie. I know what you're thinking..."Eww smoothie", and yes I did too when I first made it, but I've gotten so use to the taste and the thought of having something so healthy in the morning makes me start my day with glee! ;)



- 1/2 cup oats

- Teaspoon of chia seeds

- Half a banana

- 5 strawberries

- Half scoop of vanilla whey protein

- 300ml of almond milk

- Splash of coconut water

- Tablespoon of yougurt


Throw it all into a blender and voila!



Love Bettina