So Nick and myself have finally settled in after a month from moving to Alexandria. Can I just say that there is nothing enjoyable about moving! It tired both of us out emotionally and physically!!  And on top of that I got sick, real sick. Mum said it had something to do with moving my energy around so rapidly and in such a short time span that my own body couldn’t play catch up.

But besides all this moving madness in May, I was still able to prance around in lovely clothes for Nick to capture me in and really, I couldn’t have it any other way.

I was also lucky enough to spend a weekend in Melbourne, drinking their coffee and walking through lane ways where the graffiti art laid. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too cold in Melbourne that day. The sun actually came out to play as Nick snapped away but I was still able to wear my newly gifted items from Saxony the Brand, the IISAC JACKET and the EVOLVE DRESS. Instead of my signature look of leather tights or shorts I decided to put on the dress. Call it a comfortable autumn day where I could wear whatever I want and didn’t feel too hot or too cold! Saxony creates their clothing around basic colours, which I love, but what I love more about their designs is that they’re able to add subtle attitude by adding distinct cuts and materials just to make a point of difference.

Enjoy the images below guys!!

If you have any questions, shoot me at I’ll be more than happy to answer anything. :)

Love Bettina

Sunglasses by Le Specs "Hatter"

Sunglasses by Le Specs "Hatter"