Facebook Heavy

I've been writing some pretty heavy stuff on my personal Facebook page to share with my friends and family and what a waste would it be if I didn't share this with everybody else. 

So here's a post from May 17th that made my heart skip beat.

"My gf said to me - "You inspire me, and empower me!" - she completely rattled my soul when she typed this to me today. I had no idea I was doing it but WOW. Fucking thank you. 

Our lives aren't perfect, we're all fighting a battle. But if we could be proud of what we're fighting for and show the worth that our lives are beautiful doing it - you'll inspire another. You'll help another break their shell, to just completely let go and to not be afraid to jump ship. 

I am so freaking happy that even through the rough patches of my life, I can still inspire and empower. It sounds crazy, but it's all fucking worth it. Don't be afraid to share the deepest parts of your broken soul, I've learnt that you can save another. AND IT FEELS FUCKING AMAZING. 

Good luck to my gf Trinh Dang on her next adventure in Bali. I believe that this trip with set your soul on fire and you'll come back better EVER. Even though I believe that you're amazing already but I understand - take that breather and jump off waterfalls! I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR YOU! ❤️

Last night yoga session with my darling Gemma seriously made me feel the warmth of love and strength spread throughout my whole body. Our chat ended with a gentle reminder, "Life should be lived in mystery. Why question every single aspect when it should be lived in each moment thoroughly." 

Don't plan it down to every single detail, plan just enough. Though go and feel it, every inch of it and I promise that it's all worth it."