Zen Babe


I remember the first time I shot with Justin.

It was at Zen Garage. I was his first ever Zen Babe! Does anybody remember? I'm sure those photos are still floating around today on google or in a long lost archive folder on the Zen Garage website. Haha!

 For those who have been following me since the early days of Asian blonde hair, an orange tan, a yellow bikini top and cut up denim shorts - Thank you. My god, it's been years!

Justin and I don't catch up that often. But when we do, our mouths are like running waterfalls. We always start by congratulating each other of how far we've come, showing each other videos of our antics of life and just laughing. Full belly laughing. None of that fake on the surface stuff.

So this is what we got up to about two week ago.

Bought back some memories from our previous shoots!

I love these shots, just cool casual lifestyle shxt.


This one's for you Justin, you kinda started all this. :)

I will always be your Zen Babe...


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