Photo by Joshua Wip -  //  @joshuawip

Photo by Joshua Wip - // @joshuawip


BANKSLIFE is more than just your average blog.  

Founded by Bettina "Betty" Banks in 2012. 

BANKSLIFE is about the daily goals of life, successes, mistakes, love, relationships, travel, fashion, makeup, health, food and fitness. The growth of BANKSLIFE over the last 6 years have been rapidly taking over the world with Bettina’s presence on social media. Achieved through modelling, being a brand ambassador, business and a product influencer, Betty makes sure that she collaborates with like minded, driven people, labels and brands within the industry constantly influencing and motivating with anyone who connects with her. 

Born and raised in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, she has earned her place in the big city of Sydney and is now influencing throughout Australia. With growing numbers of readers all over the world, including Asia; Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines especially.  Cities such as LA, New York, Seattle, Miami, Washington DC, San Francisco and Chicago in the U.S, and influencing Europe beginning with France then trailing over to the UK.

Coming from a background of events management, creative execution and marketing, she is a well known people person in her community. Having an excellent track record in all things social media, networking and events, Betty has executed all collaborative works effortlessly and is always out to make a statement. 

She's a passionate home cook that showed off her skills competing in the top hit reality Australian TV show,

My Kitchen Rules 2017 as a semi finalist!

Now residing in tropical Darwin, where the weather's always warm and her collaborations are always sun-filled; she is now influencing her way through the Top End, educating small businesses about Digital Marketing and Influencing Marketing through monthly workshops and one-on-one consulting as a Digital Coach with Treeti Business Consulting.


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